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PG 2010 MAGNUM-2 Officine Pesce Semi-automatic monoblock for big format

PG 2010 MAGNUM-2
Semi-automatic monoblock for big format


2 valves filler for gravity filling system, pneumatic lifting of the bottles and predisposal for pump connection.

Mechanical corker for still wine corks with push button operation, manual distribution of the corks directly into the closing head and pneumatic lifting of the bottles.

Jaws of hardened and ground steel and bronze sliders, produced through numeric control machines and machining centres ensuring their perfect interchangeability.


Technical data
130 x 70 x 220 cm
550 Kg
Bottles / hour
Bottles capacity
3-6-9 l
Ø 30-36 mm, h 45-50 mm
Suitable for
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    We produce specific locking and filling systems and lines for wine, metodo classico, oil, spirits and beer