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We produce specific bottling systems for different types of products and formats, including customized ones

Who we are

Officine Pesce is an Italian company specialized in the production of filling, locking and accessory systems for bottling with high technological standards

For 40 years, we have been producing automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines for filling, locking and accessory systems (wire-holders, blowguns, dosing machines and freezers) for the main product categories: wine, sparkling wine, oil, liqueur and beer.

We have established ourselves on the national and international market thanks to innovative technical solutions, supported by artisanal construction that guarantees accuracy in assembly and a strict and prolonged testing.

Applicazioni speciali

In order to meet the market needs and thanks to the artisanal dimension of our reality, we design and develop completely tailor-made solutions, with the production quality of standard machines

We can adapt our bottling lines according to customer requests, both for filling and locking traditional bottles and for ‘mignon’ and ‘magnum’ bottles, up to the most disparate custom formats, also in the shape.

The wide range of machines also offers custom designed and developed solutions, starting from small systems up to compact and medium-sized bottling lines for the management of unusual size bottles, round, square and rectangular, both in glass and in PET.

We work with the customer during all design phases, providing our know-how available to obtain a “ad hoc” product that maintains the qualitative characteristics and advantages that already qualify the standard machines.

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We produce specific locking and filling systems and lines for wine, metodo classico, oil, spirits and beer